Discover a Unique Partnership

Imagine a Complete
WORKPLACE, RESTAURANT, RETAIL, HOSPITALITY   Solution From concepting to development
to your daily operational needs

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that’s where we pull together the things you love to make your own home-sweet-home

ex: trick out our space

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those mundane things we all need to do to keep the lights on and the office running

ex: we need snacks

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raise the bar, make it cool, do what others only dream of. Why? To attract the best and keep the best.

ex: we want a batting cage

Welcome to 360º

Feeling slightly overwhelmed? Rest assured, you’re NOT alone. Countless companies are either lost when it comes to finding the right resources to meet their workplace needs or simply don’t have the time. Sounding familiar?

Consider us your right hand man. 360 Degrees was built to respond to the fast paced, need it now, tech age that we’re all living in. We help you remain strategic, quick, responsive, and accurate in this crazy marketplace. We’re structured to remain adaptive and flexible to respond to each client’s needs.


  • Space Refresh, Renovation & Full Buildout
  • Space Planning & Programming
  • Architectural Design & Coordination
  • Contractor & Vendor Management
  • Project Management
  • Environmental Branding & Signage
  • Real Estate Due Diligence & Estimating
  • Facility Management
  • Move Management
  • Workplace Operational Programs
  • Furniture Selection, Procurement, & Implementation
  • Specialty Design
  • Space Decommissioning & Landlord Turnover
  • Density & Growth Metric Analysis
  • Financial Management & Invoice Simplification

360º Alliances

We are partnered with the best and brightest companies and consultants to offer a team specific to each individual client’s needs, budget, and expectations.

360º Partners

We are passionate about delivering top notch spaces to each of our clients. We believe the best spaces are born when the space, the brand and the culture overlap. We create that through a synergy of these three companies.

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